"Always there for

great friends"

The Greatest Petcare Company is a manufacturer and distributor of renown pet food products. We do a domestic sale as well as an international export to Asia and other regions. We create only quantitative and safe nutritional products in accordance with the AAFCO standard. We produce pet foods in the brand of our company including other brands of our clients. 

Our Product

We select only fine ingredients in order to make the greatest product. We have a variety of products corresponding to your requirements and your pet’s need. We provide dog food, cat food, pellet pet food, wet pet food, and pet snacks.

Production Capabilities

Our company is a manufacturer and distributor of pet foods, in both pellet food and wet food, and pet snacks.  We are capable of manufacturing to 31,000 tons/per overall. Our products must be focused on quality based on the pet’s need relating to its age and type.  We develop our product as our client’s requirement. We have a control and guarantee system in the production process according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, GMP, HACCP, and Suci Halal.

Product Development

Our company consistently develops new products by our research and development team who is directly experienced in pet food production. This is for the best quality of our product in terms of variety and adequate nutrition for pets of different ages.


Our company has a design and packaging development team in charge of developing our packaging to be beautiful and environmental-friendly. And, it can also keep food quality and freshness for the pets until its expiration. 


Our company has a production process and a product classification by arranging products according to the product’s type. It can support the product as many as our client’s requirements. The cleanliness, appropriateness, and safety has been approved by the international standard.  

Safety & Quality to Trust

Our company has a selection of qualitative and safe ingredients before putting them into the production process with modern machines.  So, all products are safe and capable of maintaining their quality according to defined criteria and in accordance with the academic rules. We also have the experts, in the production process and in the quality control, supervise attentively the production.